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group of people doing yoga on beach at sunset
couple doing yoga on rock by water

Yoga Couples Week®

Calling all YOGIS!

Are you and your partner yoga enthusiasts? Do you believe yoga is a way of life?

If this is the case, this is the week for you!

Connect your mind, body and soul while having the freedom to choose if you and your partner wish to be MILD or WILD®.

Connect with your partner and meet other like minded couples during Yoga Couples Week®.

Are You Mild, Wild or Somewhere in Between?

Find out at our Next Event.

Mild or Wild® Network Gauge

Meet Real People Like You!

MILD or WILD® Wristband Colors - Copyright ©2022

The wristband is colored to show your level in your personal lifestyle.

Wristband Colors: Meaning:
GREEN MILD - Relaxed Fun, Doing Your Thing
RED WILD - Active Fun, Outgoing Party People

Meet others at an event with the same wristband colors, so you can find others at your level.

Mild event attendees reserve the right to turn up the fun at their own pace.

This system takes a lot of pressure out of social settings with large groups and lets people find others quickly.

Make the most of your differences by letting others know how you personally identify.

You can change the color of your wristbands whenever you feel like turning down or turning up the fun.

Be Part Of Our Event!

We are calling all yoga businesses, healthy or organic food services and distributors, marriage counselors, sex therapists, DJs, and anyone who would like to sponsor one of our events:

Yoga Couples Week® or Marriage Retreat Week™.

You can decide which event you wish to sponsor. Convention booths will be available.

Here is your chance to be one of the first to Be Part of the Start™. Any official sponsors will have their company logo placed on the Event/s website.

Join our team!

Are you a yoga guru, yoga teacher, marriage counselor, or a therapist?

Do you provide another service that can benefit our attendees?

We are looking to add friendly, open minded, knowledgeable individuals to our team to help create a memorable week where yoga enthusiast couples and married couples looking to strengthen their relationships can meet. We want to know more!